How to Upload Music to iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc

Every day many new music artists are emerging on the scene. People want to listen to new tracks when driving or working out at the gyms. However, many newcomers do not know how to connect with iTunes or other famous brands to sell music online. Also, some of these charge hefty membership fees. That is why many online sites can help. If you are one of these upcoming artists, you can put your music on iTunes and others. The websites like Musicdigi offer services to connect artists with all popular brands like Spotify, Apple, and others.

Can I upload music to all famous platforms?

The answer to this question is yes. You can now get your music on Spotify using a website that offers it. Also, you can sell your music on Amazon using the same service. It means that you have to become a member of one site to upload and share music with all brands. You will have to make an account and create the cover art. Plus, you have the option of selecting the platform of your liking. That is why the site that offers these services is trending. Everything becomes easy for the new emerging artists.

Every time there is a download of your song, you also earn. These websites offer to showcase reports that can help you grow your audience. Therefore, you can use a single window to manage everything from uploading and selling your songs. There will be reports for streaming and viewer’s data. So, you can act accordingly and share music that people appreciate. Another benefit of using sites like MusicDigi is that you can also share and earn via YouTube. There is no limit for the uploads. However, there is a minor amount you have to pay each year for the services.

How to start upload music and earning online?

To earn online selling songs and music tracks, you can make an account with these websites. MusicDigi is one of the popular choices among these because it is easy to create an account. You can start uploading and editing the cover art as soon as you make the account. There are all the choices for upload your audio files. So, you can get your music on TikTok, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and others using the MusicDigi service. The process is fast and straightforward. Any artist can create an account using his email and setting a new password.


To conclude, these new websites are the best way to upload music. Also, you can reach a global audience in just a few simple steps. Account creation, upload music, and selling songs through downloads becomes easy. Plus, these websites offer all the streaming data and reports. It can be Amazon, Spotify, TikTok, or any other platform that can become your new trending music spot. The yearly fee for these services is also economical considering the benefits. Therefore, contemporary artists have an opportunity to earn by selling their music.Another advantage is the unlimited amount of available uploads.

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