How SEO Can Be Applied for Online Reputation Management?

You must never misjudge the importance of reputation management. Never wait until you are bombarded with negative reviews. From that moment everything starts to escalate and transform into an online reputation catastrophe. No business owners desire to be in such a dreadful situation.

Unfortunately, if you fall victim to such an online reputation management disaster, then start with SEO. Why SEO? When seekers come looking for your brand they happen to see the negative reviews associated with your product on search results. This indicates your SEO strategy needs a little adjustment.

Australian Internet Advertising is one of the leading SEO services Sydney that helps customers leverage SEO for their online reputation management. When the Aiad team works on their customers SEO campaigns the check the following.

  • The business name is accurate on the website and other online properties.
  • Links pointing to your site are of high quality incoming from authors bios, guest posts, and citations.
  • Targeted keywords and anchor texts are clear and help the search engine crawlers to identify your product.
  • Content quality is high and valuable.

Adjusting these aspects helps in improving SEO and ultimately ranking. You may be wondering why not remove or delete the bad reviews that are damaging your ranking.

You cannot sweep away the bad reviews, especially if they are on third party websites. The only thing is to contact the site owner directly and make a request to eliminate the negative reviews. If you are lucky, this approach can work. Unfortunately, the chances of request approval from third party website owners are slim. The best way to handle those negative reviews is to bury them with increasing your SEO efforts.

How to leverage SEO for online reputation management?

Review your websites online properties

  • Know your brand’s status on organic results.
  • In what areas are your competitors stronger or weaker?
  • Does your website appeal to the target visitors?
  • Is there social media engagement?
  • How consistent is your brand messaging?
  • Do your listings have accurate and consistent information regarding name, address, and contact number?

An audit will allow spotting the missed or uncovered opportunities.

Optimization of online properties

Algorithms fluctuate, but SEO rules are the same. Always adhere to Google’s quality guidelines but for stronger online reputation and SEO –

  • Find and optimize the right keywords as well as anchor texts.
  • Poor quality content is bad. Optimize the blog on your website for quality.
  • Get your brand on high authority relevant blogs or sites.

Add niche influencer marketing

People get the inspiration to buy things endorsed by an authority figure or a celebrity. It is a common tactic used in the marketing arena to grab attention and influence sales. Online this technique is referred to as influencer marketing. Niche influencers will –

  • Help build brand awareness
  • Support in building trust
  • Fill gaps associated with your content side as influencers offer readers a fresh perspective on interesting topics

Monitor your brand performance

Several SEO and reputation management tools can help you track your brand performance. You know where your SEO efforts fall short. You even get familiar with what people on social media, forums, or blogs talk about your brand.

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