Smart Questions to Ask the Potential Web Design Company

With a decision to revamp your existing website for the first time can be an overwhelming task. Looking for a web design company is easy online. The difficult part is to sieve them and uncover the right one.

With so many web designers promising to develop websites, which will rank high on search engines within a month, drive traffic as well as generate leads, but the main concern is how to verify they are capable of genuinely do this? It doesn’t matter if you need to redesign or build a new website, the web design professionals you choose will play a huge role in its success.

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During the vetting process for a trustworthy web design company, you need to ask the potential experts smart questions. The questions need to concentrate on the team specialties, portfolio, value-added services, design style, etc. there will be the planning, design & development, and the post-launch stage you will need to consider.


  • What type of research does my business need? – It is necessary for website success to partner with someone who knows your niche, market, and customers. Keyword research is crucial for creating the layout of a new website. basic SEO is also important for sitemap development. For redesigning find out if the professional plans to analyze site metrics before planning the design layout.
  • Do you outsource your projects? – It is crucial to research the outsourcing partner they will use otherwise it can cause project delays, communication challenges, and extra costs. Working in-house means the process moves forward smoothly with open communication and no delays.
  • How website project management gets handled? – A project manager leads customer’s through the entire process that includes research, strategy, design layout, development, launch, and even review. Weekly reports get sent including the tasks, current timelines, budget, and more.

Design & development

  • Will the website be optimized for search engines and mobile? – SEO has to start right from the designing and development stage. Check the professional’s SEO team certification and experience. Tell them your needs for page speed, title tags, description, mobile-friendliness, etc.
  • How about website security? – Determine what security measures you desire to adapt to prevent intrusions. Will the web design company be able to fulfill it?
  • How many revisions are allowed? Miscommunications occur during the revision & approval process. You want an ideal end product, which the web designer needs to give. Therefore, know the number of revisions allowed or do they charge extra for more revisions.


  • Is quality assurance testing performed? – The website presentation speaks volumes. The first impressions are critical. Functionality testing will assure that everything works as expected, and your visitors will have a glitch-free browsing experience.
  • What support is offered after the website goes live? – A web development company may offer training on CMS, so their customers learn to change, modify, and navigate across the website with confidence. Launching a website is not the end of the project it is the post-launch that will matter. The agency must offer analytics related to your website’s success.

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