Project Management Tips on How to Keep Employees on Track

Proficient project management is crucial for the success of your business. The mantra of project management is simple – set a time limit and allocate the right employees. The project gets done correctly and on time. Nevertheless, many business owners are unable to get the expected outcome even though their employees work overtime. For them, it is time to check their project management skills as well as the capabilities of their system.

The needs for mapping resources are crucial to define the project team members, which contributes to project success. A project cannot progress without necessary skills and teamwork. It always slows the scope and ultimately deadlines are missed.

Below are some crucial project management tips to keep the team on track

Create a small flexible group 

Before task assignment, create a small flexible group. Define everyone’s role. In a small flexible team, the odds of miscommunication are less and accountability to deliver results increases. Everyone in the group gets involved in sprint planning. A Gantt chart tool is used for illustrating the progress of a project. As task proceeds or gets completed the probable remaining amount of work for every task gets updated, which gets automatically displayed on the chart.

Align team with business objectives

It is essential to align everyone involved in the project to be familiar with the company goal. It helps to achieve optimum results. Having a clear strategic direction among the team goes a long way to keep the workforce motivated and productive.

Implement Kanban principle

The Kanban standard helps the business in obtaining their objectives. Kanban board helps –

  • Workflow visualization
  • Work efficiency from start to finish
  • Enhance team collaboration
  • Identifies possible obstacles
  • Make adjustments for improvements
  • Keeps costs low
  • Eliminates wasteful efforts
  • Maximizes client’s satisfaction

Kanban’s scope is beyond all these benefits. You can detect unique ways to use the progress boards like create an editorial calendar, get innovative business ideas, craft a sales funnel, manage support systems, and more.

Value time management

The sacred mantra of time management is ‘plan in advance’. Its key benefit is less hassle in the workplace, which helps to increase productivity. Define daily tasks, factor the contingency tasks as well as concentrate on one chore, at a time. Project managers can use employee task management tool.

PlanStreet offers an online time tracking portal, where the team members can see and execute allocated tasks on the Kanban sheet, which is categorized into four status that includes ‘To Do’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Done’, and ‘Flagged’. The project manager gets real-time updates. If a problem arises managers can communicate and have it resolved on time. The time when a team member logs in gets rolled in the timesheet automatically.

In this way, project managers ensure that every team member is clear about the timelines of the deliverables. They perform a daily assessment of outputs on every phase of the project’s lifecycle. It helps to address risk proactively, as soon as it gets identified.

Collaboration and communication

scrum board helps promote discussion and interaction among the team members. It also increases visibility and even new team member can easily understand the process. As the whole team can view the task progress daily, it helps them to concentrate on their allocated task.

Project management needs proper planning, correct use of resources, and workflow management for maximizing productivity.

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