Know How Social Gatherings Can Spread COVID-19 Quickly

COVID-19 is infecting many people around the world and U.S is not an exception to it. Experts are suggesting preventive measures to the public. According to them social gatherings like funeral, choir practice, or any other event can spread the virus quickly.

Moreover, COVID-19 is more contagious compared to flu and it can spread from one affected person to 2 or 3 people before exhibiting symptoms. So, CDC is recommending everyone to wear face masks when visiting public places because maintaining 6-feet distance is difficult in few cases.

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Spread of virus in communities

Places like Austin, Texas and Skagit County, Washington became viral hotspots with many people falling ill. There are several cases that show how the virus spreading from a small gathering. Also, many cases indicate how case-free place becoming a quick viral epicenter.

Currently, CDC suggests people to cancel social gatherings over 250 people in the areas, which haven’t registered positive coronavirus cases. Preventive measures such as cancelling gatherings, maintaining social distance, residing at home helps to limit down or prevent surge of the virus, even it doesn’t spread in the community.

Rural areas and other places in U.S are not yet experienced confirmed cases, but there are many chances of virus transmission as per the experts. Isolated communities in the country are not independent that is they receive basic needs from outside areas.

This virus is reaching the places unavoidably, but by following few precautions remote and rural areas can be protected for a short span because there will be narrow contact between people.

Why COVID-19 is more contagious?

Right now, there is no exact information about how contagious the virus is, but few studies states that it is 2 to 3 times more contagious than flu. According to experts report, speaking and breathing can spread the virus.

People who don’t follow the rules of social distancing will put themselves as well as others at risk. In few places like Louisiana, Florida, and other, many pastors are continuing to conduct large congregations.

Local governments of those areas are imposing restrictions on such gatherings. This issue is neither political nor religious, it is about health crisis of public. Experts say all these measures are crucial to safeguard the health of public and to prevent deaths from COVID-19.

Testing, social distancing, and self-isolation

The only way to limit the spread of virus is testing all people in the country that is not an easy task. Testing, tracking and identifying people who are sick is helping in this critical condition.

In case, you are feeling sick self-quarantine, if you come in touch with a sick person self-isolation, stopping social gatherings, and wearing mask when getting outside are essential measures one should follow to prevent the spread of the disease.

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