How These 3 Technologies Designed For Seniors Can Positively Impact Their Life?

Research has revealed that social isolation leads to loneliness, which can negatively impact the health and well-being of senior citizens. Social isolation can be reduced via video games, social network sites, support chat room, a personal reminder, robotics, and keep in touch with family & friends.

New technologies are effective because they can strongly positively impact their life quality. For example, voice assistants help the seniors stressed-out to relax via playing their desired music.

Three technologies focused on seniors

‘Aging at home’ seems to be the focus of digital technology, which has pushed to market to introduce three technologies for elders.

  1. Smartphone offers the best mobility but is hard to use for seniors because of their small size, screen, and fonts. The smartphone needs to be updated and kept charged.
  2. Tablets are easy for elders because of their large screen but carrying it around is hard for some. TV allows large screen size and fonts.
  3. TV can be controlled with remote control, so it is easy to use. As the solution is tethered to a TV, it has less mobility.

All the technologies offer common features like family albums, video chat, phone call weather updates, and games.

TV-based solution

Sirona.TV is created for seniors, who are more than 75 years in age. Sirona offers Alexa-like companion and medication reminder feature. It is necessary to design technology advancement with specific criteria for high adoption among seniors. It includes ease of use, simple to learn, available 24/7, friendly & engaging, and cost-effective.

TV-enabled video solution empowers senior to directly consult their doctor via video consultation, which is an appealing feature for elders. They can stay independent as they gain access to improved care experiences.

Tablet-based solution

Grandpad tablet offers medium mobility and includes upfront and monthly expenses, which is less than a TV solution. A simple tablet computer, which connects digitally to friends and family. Elders can view videos, family albums, listen to music, make calls, check their emails, enjoy video chat, and more.

Voice-controlled assistant, Alexa turns your words into actions. It even answers a majority of questions, plays music on demand, and controls smart home devices. Seniors can ask Alexa to help them.

Smartphone-based solution

Jitterbug Smart 2 is a smartphone designed for elders. It includes features that are focused on the aging process.

  • Simple interface, bright display
  • Access to different health services
  • Safety services
  • Large fonts

The smartphone is highly mobile and focused on those who are not comfortable with complex technology. The screen is well-lit, the navigation is simple, and the device is a compatible hearing aid. For those elders, who desire a guaranteed emergency response solution can choose Jitterbug Smart2.

When you review and evaluate all the three technologies focused on seniors, there is a single thing common in all. They are user-friendly. Simplicity is one thing that is crucial for choosing technology devices for seniors. All these technology products will not work for every senior but SironaTV solution is loaded with a plethora of options. It merges all the elements included in the smartphone and tablet into a single technology product offering seniors reap the benefits. Seniors can eliminate the feeling of isolation and dependence. Enjoy quality life!

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