How to Balance the Print Design of The Tote Bags?

Tote bags are the best way to promote the sales of your business, but you have to select a perfect bag depending on your customer preferences. You can select your favorite design to print on the tote bags, but you have to choose a print design that balances the size, shape, fabric, design, and color.

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After selecting the design, then you have to create bag mockup. You can use the tools like photoshop to create bag mockups. With this, you will get an idea how your bag exactly looks like.

Before investing on tote bags, make sure that you make the best bags to promote your business. A perfect bag mockup plan helps to avoid losses. Also, your customer will get a beautiful bag to carry with them.

Tote bags printing methods

Transfer printing – In this method, the design is first printed on a paper. It is placed on the bag, and then the design is transferred from the paper to the bag with heat press. Finally, the bag will be cooled for some time. It is considered as one of the best methods to promote your business.

Screen printing – In this technique, mesh will be used to transfer ink to the bag. Impermeable block stencils will be used to prevent the ink going here and there. Printed cotton, canvas, jute, and more bags are available in the market.

Spot printing – If you want to make use of only one color on your tote bags, then it is the right choice. These spot colors will be made from 14 colors palette, each color will be mixed with a unique formula.

It gives a clean and crispy print on the tote bags. Also, spot colors are natural, undyed, and unbleached and lasts for a very long time. This makes a good impression on your brand.

Choosing colors

Choose colors that go well with the bag fabric. Small color shade on the fabric makes a huge difference. You have to choose colors depending on the fabric texture, because a design that suits on canvas fabric will not look good on a cotton fabric.

Natural Cotton Fibers will have a soft and smooth feel whereas jute fabric material is coarse. So, the fabric material is very important in making a decision.

Size and shape of tote bags

You need to make sure of the length and style of bag handles. Choose a size that fits to almost everyone.

Choosing a perfect tote bag is also a state of art, but don’t get afraid to experiment. Experience makes things easy. Gather information about the best tote bags providing company and choose the best one to promote your business. You can even take advice from there experts in choosing the best design and colors.

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